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Welcome to our thriving community of cherished patrons, some of whom have graced us with their loyalty for an impressive thirty-year span. At our core, we operate as a dynamic logistics powerhouse within the promotional products industry, seamlessly positioned between the end-user and the manufacturer. Our comprehensive services extend far beyond the ordinary - encompassing every intricate detail, from design to artistry. We pride ourselves on going the EXTRA mile.


As industry connoisseurs, we specialize in transforming concepts into tangible brand representations. Imagine your brand message intricately woven into the very fabric of your chosen product. That's the level of commitment our skilled designers bring to the table. Whether you're seeking Bic pen logo imprints, custom imprinted Bic pens, or Bic promotional pens of any kind, we are here to elevate your brand's presence.


Our success story unfolds not just with a single order but in the gratifying rhythm of repeat business - each order contributing to the tapestry of our achievements. We understand the power of imprinting your identity, and that's why we specialize in Bic pens with logos, Bic printed pens, Bic promo pens, and even the budget-friendly Bic promotional pens. Your brand journey matters to us, and we take pride in guiding it every step of the way.


In a world flooded with options, we stand out as the bridge between your vision and the tangible reality of promotional products. Whether you're considering Bic sticky notes, custom Bic pens, or personalized Bic pens, we ensure that your brand is not just seen but remembered. Meet success with each order, and discover why our President, Bill Rodger, leads with passion and dedication to your brand's journey. Order from us once, and you'll find yourself returning again...and again...and again.

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